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The Six Strategic Pillars


Our core business is Virtual Assistant and Business Consultancy Services.

We are a customer-focused Technology Business Partner Solutions and Service Company that will partner and provide services to businesses/entrepreneurs, start-ups, CEOs and business executives.

We continuously strive for exceptional performance through a local and global organisation dedicated to a culture that values employee empowerment, sustainable practices and corporate responsibility to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Innovation & Excellence are part of Aspire VAs DNA and drive all aspects of our business.

Our services stand for quality, efficiency, reliability and sustainability.


The business strategy targets and supports businesses by providing remote services to busy professionals who need someone to support them and their business goals.  We will work with you to help you build complete business process analysis (BPA) and quality (QA) systems that collaboratively integrates with up-and downstream solutions. 

We foster strategic alliances with collaborators, networks, integrators, and service providers.

We actively monitor our business network to enter into new industries and market opportunities.


We think global and act local through our worldwide presence with guidance from corporate governance, the VA Institute and professional networks, and an entrepreneurial approach to meet local market needs.

We work with well-defined, lean processes and standard integrated systems.

We lead the transformation to digitalisation and Industry 4.0 in our company, products, and services.


Our growth is based on organic and proactive business growth, strategic partnerships and keeping up to date with the latest in technological innovation.

Continued economic success includes our business partners and the community we serve with a long-term perspective ensures financial health and is the basis for sustainable growth and innovation.


We promote the values of a business entrepreneur company and culture that increases human engagement through trusted relationships.

Our internal and external relationships are based on mutual trust, respect, and open communication.

We have a clear leadership philosophy and develop the key competencies of our team members and key stakeholders.

Responsibility and accountability are binding duties for every employee and business partner.


We have chosen that continuous improvement is a binding management principle and a deeply rooted company value.

Innovation - Change - Chance

Innovation & Excellence are part of Aspire VAs DNA and drive all aspects of our business.

We always see change as a chance and opportunity, not a threat.


Tomorrow’s challenges will require new solutions - turning today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities.


We set a positive example and lead change through ongoing personal involvement, growth and development.


We lead through our actions. We promote open, constructive communication and information exchange with all business partners and key stakeholders.

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